About the service to find guides «Pomogator.Travel»

About us

Pomogator.Travel is an innovative service that allows tourists on the website or in the application to quickly find professional tour-guides, guides-interpreters, guides-instructors, as well as transfers, and order service from them.

Our Mission

Make your travel interesting, helping tourists and professional guides to find each other. For tourists our service is absolutly free, and guides we allows to find a stable job with a decent profit!

Support us

The service began its work in early 2018. The development of the project is carried out by a team of experts who have devoted more than 20 years to tourism. The project was supported by the largest tourist internet-newspaper Tourprom.ru.

  It is enough to place the task on our service, and in a few minutes you will begin to receive offers from the guides who will be ready to execute it... Place task  

More about us:

So what is «Pomogator.Travel»?
The website and mobile application «Pomogator.Travel» was created to search for tourists: 1) tour-guides for excursions or shopping-guides, 2) guides-interpreters and business intermediaries for business travel, 3) guides-instructors for active types of tourism, 4) transfermen. We call all of them Helpers in tourism or «Pomogator».
How much do our services cost?
Our service is simple and absolutly free for tourists: you choose the right city, describe the task (for example, describe excursion), it comes to all the Helpers in your city, which in response send you their proposals - you get them right inside the application. From them you choose the best – by the best price, by best services, or by the rating. Payment you make directly to the selected Helper during its implementation.

Speed and usability
Find a guide on Pomogator.Travel built not on call of potential guides, as it usually happens, but on the response of suitable performers here and now, as they immediately receive a push-notification on the mobile about the new task of the tourist. The most important thing is that the tourist in 15-20 minutes after sanding the application has a list of guides, suitable for his requirements and ready to solve only his tasks. You only have to choose the best offer!

Savings: the best prices on tours
Since all orders are made directly on the website or via smartphone in our mobile application without any intermediaries, it significantly reduces the cost of excursions and other services. For Helpers accommodation in the catalog is paid, but this is their only cost, which means the cost of excursions and transfers and other services on Pomogator.Travel will be cheaper than usual!

Where to find Helpers: our geography
To fulfill the order depending on your choice can both private guides or tourist-companies: the main thing that the performers live in the city or the area where you need their services, and therefore, they know all the local attractions and their features. For the convenience of using the site and the application they are translated into the main languages of the world.

Do you want to make your first order?
Have you already decided on your travel plan? Then you should not shelving them right now to formulate requests for desired tours or other services in the selected cities. So, go to the city selection page of your trip and order the necessary excursions from professionals →

How to become a Helper and start earning? How to become a guide?  
Are you a guide in your city, a professional interpreter, an instructor in active types of tourism or a transfer with your car or bus? If you want to increase your earnings, then become a Helper! Terms and prices can be found at this link!