Terms of Service (Agreement)

Version of the Agreement and Annex dated "26" of March 2018.

ATTENTION: This translation of the Terms of Service is not a legally binding document and is published solely for the convenience of English-speaking users of the of the Pomogator.Travel service. The original Terms of Service, which has legal effect, is located at the following address: https://pomogator.travel/agreement.

The Company offers you Services on terms which are the subject of this Agreement and its Annexes on the use of the Resource. This Agreement (Terms of Service) is considered by the Company as a public offer according to article 437 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.

1. The terms used in the Agreement

  1. Company - "TURPROM" Ltd.
  2. Website or Resource - the internet address pomogator.travel applications for mobile platforms Android and iPhone.
  3. Administration - employees, and persons duly authorized by the Company to Resource management and provision of Services in the framework of the use of their Website.
  4. Service - a set of computer programs, databases that facilitate the functioning of the Site, as well as a set of Services provided to Users when using the Site.
  5. Visitor - any individual who uses the Resource.
  6. User - a visitor that has passed the registration procedure, creating your online account.
  7. The User who places to the Resource any request for any service, is called in the system as Tourist.
  8. The User who places to the Resource any information about their services, and receiving in themselves the fulfillment of someone's application is called in the system as Helper (Pomogator).

2. General terms

This Agreement governs the use of the Service, as well as the relationships arising from the use of the Resource by Visitors.

The Visitor performing any action on the use of the Service, expresses its full and unconditional acceptance (Acceptance) conditions of this Agreement on the Service. At the time of the Commission of Acceptance of the offer, the Visitor and the Company are considered to be concluded this Agreement.

The agreement on the use of the Service, concluded in the form of a public offer, provided by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, does not require the signing of bilateral and really electronically.

3. User Registration

A person wishing to become a User shall complete the registration process by entering your mobile number and the activation code (which is password), which will come via SMS. The user is responsible for correctness, topicality, completeness and compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation provided at Registration information and its purity from claims of third parties. the User is solely responsible for the security of the activation code secret from third parties.The company assumes no responsibility in case of violation of User rights to third persons unauthorized access to the activation code of the User.

When Registering, the User agrees with the present Agreement and the Annex thereto and assumes the rights therein and responsibilities associated with the use and operation of the Resource. After successful registration of the User on the Resource, the Company assumes the rights and obligations to the User specified in this Agreement.

4. Rules on placement and execution of Tasks

Users can place on the Resource any Tasks, which are also called Requests in the respective categories. The task is a proposal for the Performers to do on the Resource some feedback and suggestions, addressed to the Customer. It is forbidden to post Jobs:

  1. the purpose of which is to attract users to other resources, sites, or user registration on these resources and sites;
  2. the purpose of which is to advertise their products and services or services and goods owned by third parties.
  3. which do not meet the categories of services described on the Website.

The administration reserves the right to delete any Task without explanation.

The Customer selects the Executor, after selection of the Executor, the Task is Agreed. At the time of Selection of the Executor we provide the Customer and Executor contact data to each other, namely telephone numbers and email indicated by the User when Registering. Since the Choice of the Executor, the Customer and the Executor are considered entered into a Contract for the provision of services. The Company is not a third party in the contract, and is not responsible for it any obligation and responsibility.If necessary and by agreement between the customer and the Executor can make a written Contract for the provision of services and other documents. All the payments between the Customer and the Executor are made directly between Parties without the involvement of the Company.

Full responsibility for any services for the Customer is provided by Executor shall be solely and fully. The liability of the Executor to the Customer also includes the qualifications of Executor, the requirements of the local authorities have the necessary licenses, rights, certificates and other evidence of the legality of its activities and services. The company does not control the availability and authenticity of these documents, the Performers and is not responsible for their absence.

5. Responsibility of Users and Visitors

Visitors are responsible for their actions/inaction in the use of the Resource. Visitors garanty that they have the rights to use the materials, placed them on the Resource. Visitors agree to abide by this Agreement. In case of violation by the Visitors of the Agreement, the Administration reserves the right to refuse them access to the Services.

6. The rights and obligations of User and Visitor

Any Visitor has the right:

  1. to view information on the Resource page open to unauthorized visits;
  2. the use of any services, access to which is granted to him by the Company in the face of the Administration.

The user has the right:

  1. to create Tasks and to choose the Executor of the Task, i.e. to play the role of the Customer (Tourist);
  2. to fulfill the Task, i.e. to play the role of the Helper (Pomogator);
  3. leave customer review on Performers of their Tasks;
  4. to leave customer review on Customers, Tasks which the User performed;
  5. to use other Services of the Resource, access to which is granted to him by the Company in the face of the Administration.

The user is obliged:

  1. Before you can use Resource, see the help: "Answers to Tourist's questions" and "Answers to Helper's questions".

The User when using the Website is prohibited:

  1. to register as a User on behalf of or instead of another person ("fake account");
  2. to register more than one account for one User, using different phone numbers;
  3. to create a fake Task (no choice of Executor and their cancellation);
  4. to introduce Users to the confusion about his identity, using the Username and Password (activation code) of another registered User;
  5. to distort information about themselves, their skills or their relationship with other persons or organizations;
  6. download, store, publish, distribute and provide access or otherwise use any information which: contains threats, discreditied, offends, denigrates the honor, dignity or business reputation or violates the privacy of other Users or third parties; violates the rights of minors; is vulgar or obscene, contains pornographic images and texts or sexual scenes; contains scenes of inhumane treatment of animals;contains description of means and methods of suicide, any incitement to commit it; promotes and/or contributes to racial, religious, ethnic hatred or hostility, propagandizes fascism or ideology of racial superiority; contains extremist materials; propagandizes criminal activity or contains advices, instructions or guides on committing criminal acts, contains restricted information, including but not limited to state and commercial secrets, information about private life of third persons;contains advertising or describes the attractiveness of using drugs, including "digital drugs", information on drug trafficking, recipes of their manufacture and consumption recommendations; is of fraudulent nature; or infringes other rights and interests of citizens and legal entities or requirements of Russian legislation;
  7. illegally download, store, publish, distribute and provide access or otherwise use the intellectual property of other Users or third parties;
  8. to use the software and implement actions aimed at disrupting the normal functioning of the Resource or the Users ' personal pages;
  9. in any way, including, but not limited to, by deception, abuse of trust, hacking, trying to access the Username and Password (activation code) to another User;
  10. to carry out illegal collection and processing of personal data of other persons;
  11. place any other information which in the personal opinion of the Administration, is undesirable, does not meet the objectives of the Site, infringes the interests of Users or for other reasons is undesirable for posting on the Website.
  12. send your any contact details to the Customer, if the User has not selected a Contractor.

The user undertakes by own strength and at own expense to resolve disputes and settle claims of third parties in respect of the Tasks, or to indemnify (including legal costs) caused to the Company in connection with claims and lawsuits, the basis of presentation of which were actions or omissions of the User when using the Services of the Company. In the case that the contents, form and/or placing the User information on the Website was the basis for the presentation of the Company's regulations on payment of penalty sanctions by the state authorities, the User shall promptly upon demand by the Company to provide all requested information concerning the placement and maintenance information on the Website, to promote the Company in the settlement of regulations, and to compensate all losses (including expenses for payment of fines), caused to the Company due to the presentation of her requirements as a result of placing User information on the Website.

By registering on the website, the User agrees that other Users may leave customer review, both positive and negative.

7. Purse

When registering, the User receives a personal account on the Resource (Purse), which can be used when you subscribe for paid Services provided by the Company. Refill the Purse by methods available on the Resource (for more information about this, refer to the link "Answers to the questions of Helpers"). The user can monitor the status of the personal account on the Resource at any time.

Administration is not responsible for the state change of the User's Purse due to the actions of third parties. the Transfer of funds from one Purse User to the Purse of another User is impossible.

Funds credited to the Purse of the User when not in use can be returned past the same payment method by which the transfer was performed on the Service. In case of absence of technical possibility to return the same way the User carried out the replenishment of the Purse, the Administration is requesting the Bank details of the User and provides the refund by Bank transfer.Terms of refund are determined by the technical capabilities of payment systems, which was used for depositing the Purse as well as the accounting rules of the Company. The withdrawal of funds in your Purse, in other ways impossible.

8. The Company's Services

The company may, on a paid basis to post on the Website information about the service User and provide him the opportunity to make Suggestions about Tasks of other Users. The cost of Services is determined depending on Task type and city, and available on the page "Payment information and price".

The company provides Services to the User with advance payment: User fills up his Purse and from these funds pays for a subscription to publish information about their services on the Resource of the Company. Paid subscription may not be terminated by the User in advance, and the money spent on subscription fees, are not refundable. When a User is in breach of the rules of this Agreement, the Company shall be entitled to cancel the subscription of the User. In this case, the funds for the unused period of such subscription is not refunded to the User.

The company has the right to send SMS to Users on phones and also send them an e-mail to the address specified when the last use of the Site.

The company reserves the right to block the account of User without explanation.

The company shall in no circumstances be liable:

  1. for any action/inaction as a direct or indirect result of acts/omissions of User and/or third parties;
  2. for any indirect damages and/or lost profits of the User and/or third parties, regardless of, could the Company foresee the possibility of such damages or not;
  3. for the use (impossibility of use) and any consequences of use (impossibility of use) the User-selected form of payment, as well as the use/inability to use, the User and/or third parties of any means and/or methods of transmitting and receiving information;
  4. for the improper functioning of the Internet, its parts or for the quality of the communication lines not related to their own Company resources, and their availability to Users;
  5. for the quality and safety of the services provided by the Executer to the Tourist.

9. Entry into force and the procedure for amendment of this Agreement

The Agreement, Annexes to the Agreement and any amendments to them take effect upon their publication on the Resource. Changes to the Agreement and the Annexes to the Agreement may be amended any time. The user/Visitor is obliged to get acquainted with the current version of the Agreement before each use of the Resource, Services and/or services of the Company. If the User and/or Visitor decides not to accept the modified Agreement, he is obliged to abandon the use of the Service. The User continues the use of the website, Services and/or Services the Company, agrees with the changes.

10. Dispute resolution

In the event of any dispute or disagreement related to the execution of this Agreement, the User and the Company will make every effort to resolve them through negotiations between them. If disputes cannot be resolved by negotiation, the disputes shall be settled in the court of the city of Moscow in the order established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

This Agreement shall enter into force for the User since its accession to, and is valid for indefinite period.

11. Details

The limited liability company "TURPROM"
Registered address: 125252, Moscow, Novopeschanaya St., 19/10-137
INN 7743542912
KPP 774301001
Bin 1047796847537
Feedback Company page https://pomogator.travel/contacts


Annex to the "Agreement" on the processing of the information

1. The rules of protection of information about Users of the Service

These Rules are an official document of the Company and define the procedure of processing and protection of information about individuals - the Users of the Service.

The purpose of these Rules is to ensure adequate protection of information about Users, including their personal data from unauthorized access and disclosure. The relations connected with the collection, storage, dissemination and protection of information about Users of the Service are governed by these Rules, other official documents of the Company and current legislation of the Russian Federation. The current version of the Rules, is a public document available in the section "Agreement". The company reserves the right to amend these Rules. When the Rules of the Service is changed, Administration shall notify Users by posting the revised terms on the Resource. The User undertakes to get acquainted with the current version of the Rules before each use of the Resource. By registering and using the Website, the User agrees to the terms and conditions. In case the User disagrees with these terms of use of the Service must be terminated immediately.

2. Terms of use Resource

Company, providing Services to the resource, acting reasonably and in good faith, believes that the User:

    • has all necessary rights, allowing him to Register to use the Site, and to offer and implement services for other Users;
  1. indicates accurate information about yourself in the volumes necessary to use the Services of the Website;
  2. aware that the information on the Website, posted by the User itself, can be made accessible to other Site Users and Internet Users, can be copied and distributed by other Users;
  3. aware that some types of information transferred to them to other Users cannot be removed by the User;
  4. familiar with these Rules, agrees with them and assumes the rights therein and responsibilities.

The company does not verify the accuracy of received (collected) information about Users except when such inspection is necessary in order to fulfill the Company obligations to the User.

3. The purpose of information processing

The Company processes information about Users, including their personal data, in order to fulfill the obligations of the Company to Users regarding the use of the Site and its Services.

4. Composition of information about Users

The Users ' personal data include:

  1. provided by the User as required for registration on the Website: name, surname, mobile phone number, email address, photo User avatar;
  2. additional information provided by the User in the profile of the Executer. The company may, in particular, to query the user for a copy of the identity document or any other document containing the name, surname, photo of the User, as well as other additional information which, in the sole discretion of the Website will be necessary and sufficient to identify such User and would eliminate the abuses and violations of rights of third parties.

5. Measures for the protection of information about Users

The company takes technical, organizational and legal measures to protect personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, distribution and other unlawful actions.

To authorize access to the Service each Visiter uses the phone number and the activation code (password). Responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this information at User's own risk. The user may not transfer the activation code to third parties, and shall take measures to ensure its confidentiality.

6. The conditions and purposes of personal data processing

The Company processes personal data of the User for the execution of the Agreement between you and us for the provision of the Service. By virtue of article 6 of the Federal law of 27.07.2006 № 152-FZ "About personal data" certain User consent to the processing of personal data is not required. By n. n. 2 p. 2 of article 22 of the act, the Service Administration has the right to process personal data without notifying the authorized body for the protection of rights of personal data subjects.

7. The collection of personal data

The collection of personal data of users in the Service during Registration, as well as in the future if User need to put more information about yourself.

8. Transfer of personal data

The personal data are not transferred by the Company to any third parties, except for provision of personal data for the execution of this Agreement, and upon request of the competent state authorities (Prosecutor, Police, Court and other) in order to comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.