How the service «Pomogator.Travel» works - instructions for use

  With Pomogator.Travel you will find the right guide faster than the usual way, and his services will cost less, because you will receive several offers, from which you can choose!

Find guides in Pomogator.Travel not built on calls to potential guides, as it usually happens, but let the doers respond here and now, because they immediately receive a Push-notification to a mobile about a new requests from tourists. The most important thing is that it takes only around 15-20 minutes for the tourist to get a list of suitable guides that are ready to meet his individual requirements. AIl he has to do is to choose the best offer!

What do we offer? And who are the Helpers?

a) Professional tour-guides organize any excursion or shopping-trip you have ordered. b) Professional guides, interpreters and business intermediaries for business trips will help you to visit exhibitions, factories or clinics. c) Guide-instructors can help you organise hiking, diving, rafting, horse riding or other activities.d) A professional driver will meet you and arrange a shuttle-service to the hotel.

We call all of them HELPERS (POMOGATORS) in the tourism industry:

Tour-guides for excursions and shopping-tours

Guides-interpreters for business trips

Guides-instructors on active types of tourism

Professionals for meetings and transfers

How to order services of a guide, interpreter, instructor or transfer?

The service is simple and free for tourists:

Follow to this link to select the city where you plan to go and specify the type of helper (guide-excursion, guide-interpreter, guide-instructor or transferman). Next, you can send a request to some specific helpers, or to immediately all helpers of the city to choose the best of their proposals.

You need to make a request in any form with the details so that Helpers better understand and send you an estimate of your order. For example, «Need a 2-hour tour of the Kremlin in Moscow for 4 people on Saturday 06.01.19 at 15:00». Click «submit request». If you haven't been logged in our service, the system will prompt you to enter your mobile phone number and pin (your pin will be sent via sms).

In response to your request, the Helpers send you their offers with prices, list of services and contacts - you will receive them in your personal account directly to our application on the smartphone. This will inform you by push-notification.

Carefully examine the offers and profiles of helpers, get in touch with them to clarify the details and cost of services. Choose the best – by price, by services offered, or by rating of customer reviews. As soon as you agree on the service, specify in the system that the helper is selected. After that, you will not be distracted by new offers.

You make the payment directly to the Helper. We recommend paying immediately before or after the delivery of services to reduce any risks. When the service is done, close it in the system and write a review about the Helper - it will help other tourists to make the right decision in the future.

So, ready to make your first request?

Have you already decided on your travel plan? Then without further ado send requests for excursions or other services in the selected cities.

Order services

How to become a Helper and start earning?

Как стать гидом?Are you a guide in your city, a professional interpreter, an instructor in active types of tourism or a transferman with your car or bus? If you want to increase your earnings, then become a Helper! Terms and prices can be found here!

FAQ for Tourists...

FAQ for Tourists

How to register or log in?
When you create a new user account, be sure to indicate the number of your mobile phone: this will be your login number, plus you will get SMS to your mobile with an activation code for the account. After the first login you will be remembered. But if you for any reason logout, for re-authorization just again request SMS with a code to your mobile phone.

How to choose a Pomogatora?
In the field «select a city» field, enter the first three letters of its name and remove it from the list. Going to this city, select the type of service you need from tour-guides, instructors, interpreters or transfermen: you will open a page with a full list. Look at the found Helpers' profiles. Pay attention to their descriptions, customer reviews, prices. You can select one or more Helpers and send them a request. Or you can leave a general request for all the Helpers of the city for this type of service - which is easier and more effective.

What to specify in the request?
In the request, specify as much information as possible on your order:

  1. type of service;
  2. city;
  3. estimated date and time;
  4. number of persons;
  5. do you require transport;
  6. describe in detail what you want (for example, to see some attractions, go a route, etc.), or specify a ready-made route or excursion described by the Helper in his profile;
  7. other requirements - the more you write, the easier it is for Helpers to make an interesting and adequate offer for you.

How much do the Helpers' services costs?
The cost of the Helpers' services depends on the city, the type of service and the level of competition. Usually, Helpers indicate in their profile the starting point of pricing, for example, «the cost of a sightseeing tour is $40 per hour for a group of up to 4 people». In any case, the Helpers will calculate the cost of their services in accordance with your request, and the competition between the Helpers do not allow them to overestimate prices.

How to contact the Helper?
Select one or more specialists in the desired city and send them a request. Within a few hours or even minutes, Helpers will respond to your request. All their contacts of those who responded, will be available in the profile: you can call them by phone or communicate via internal-chat, and then finally book services.

How many days in advance is it better to book the services of Helpers?
Start looking for guides, instructors and interpreters when you know the exact dates of your trip. But it's possible to find the good Helper directly during the trip.

How to leave a customer review?
After the service delivery, you need to go to the page of your request and mark its status as «completed». After that, this page will have a button «submit a customer review on Helper».