How to become a Helper for the tourists?

  Register as a guide for excurtions, guide-interpreter, guide-instructor or transfermen in your town: get tasks and earn money with Pomogator.Travel

Daily on the website and in the app Pomogator.Travel tourists booking excurtions and other services for executers, which we call Helpers. This professional guides for sightseeing, excurtions and shopping, tour-guides for business trips, guides and instructors for active types of tourism, as well as transfermen to run meetings and transfers. The advantages of our service that Helper come only those tasks that fit its profile, and the service is not distracting him for nothing.

I already advertise on other sites, why do I need Pomogator.Travel?

Before Pomogator.Travel guides promoted themselves or through specialized catalogs, or via a excurtions' booking services. Message boards, directories and similar aggregators offer long lists of guides and their huge minus that tourists lose much time on calls or correspondence with many potential executers, and the guides have received many obviously unnecessary requests, which also wasted precious time. Booking services have other drawbacks: for each booking they take with the guides the great commission, which significantly increases the price of the excurtion, making it less competitive. And for tourists, their main drawback - no credibility to booking services, because the money must be paid in advance and it is unclear to whom, which reduces potential bookings. If you sell your services through your own website, its maintenance and promotion in search engines or contextual advertising will cost substantially more expensive than receiving tasks in Pomogator.Travel.

Have Pomogator.Travel have different ideologies - we are the world's only travel system customer→executer, allowing the guides make business more effectively and make more money: the client leaves the task which instantly comes as Push-notifications to the mobile phones all suitable executers. If the executer is an interesting task that came, it sends its proposal to the tourist who selects the best offer at the price, or by rating executers. All calculations for services rendered are maintained between the tourist and the executer directly.

How to become a Helper and start earning?

Helpers can be both individuals and travel agencies, who have created a profile in the system - it's free. Helpers have responded to the requests of tourists and advertise their services by subscribing to the placement of these services in our system - it's paid. Subscribe to accommodation services may be issued for 3-6-12 months in a specific city in a specific category: your subscription appears in the list of services all Helpers the selected cities in this category. You can subscribe to the accommodation services in different cities in different categories. We optimize and promote to the search engines, as well as placed in them and in social networks advertising pages of cities, allowing potential tourists who came from search engines, see services offered by you. Additionally, our application is advertised too. Information about Helpers and their services we place on the pages of the cities and attractions in biggest tourist information internet portal in Russia -Tourprom Newspaper.

Tasks from tourists only come Helpers with paid subscription. Subscriptions for placing their services can be purchased on different dates, in different cities and different types of services - depends on the cost, but it will be your only wasting! We do not charge any fees for selling your services and give you the opportunity to contact you directly for tourists. You pay only for accommodation services in our service!

The calculation of the cost of the subscription:

5 simple steps to a stable earnings:

Above on this page, choose the city where you plan to provide services to tourists, and your specialization - depends on the subscription price for your services at Pomogator.Travel. Subscription can be obtained at 3, 6 or 12 months - longer subscription, the bigger the discount! Subscriptions can be made a few different cities and different specializations.

If you have not yet registered with us - do it. To register you need your mobile phone number - we will send you the code free activation of your account. To become a Helper, the system will prompts you to enter a valid e-mail and fill out a short profile.

Before you subscribe to your services in our system, it is necessary to recharge your wallet at Pomogator.Travel. You can pay electronically using secure international system Yandex, using Visa or Mastercard .

Add a subscription to the appropriate services and specializations within your balance. Fill in as much detail as possible the service profile - describe your skills, achievements and benefits, add a photo to illustrate the service. To the subscription you can bind several developed you excursions and routes - with prices, details and photos. And if you invite a colleague to our system, then each of you will receive a discount on renewals.

Immediately after subscription you will be able to accept applications from potential tourists and send them their suggestions. Tourist will choose on the basis of the proposed prices, customer reviews and ranking, as well as descriptions of your services that you made to the system. What they are more detailed and interesting - the more you have chances to get the tasks. The tourists will open the contacts of all the Helpers who had responded to his task, as well as chat in intra-system - tourist can discuss with you all details of the task. Once he chooses you as an Executive, you phone will receive push-notification, and you will open the contacts. After the tourist will leave customer review for you, you can also write your own customer review.

FAQ for Helper

We are often asked...
or FAQ for Helper

Does anyone have a better chance of getting a task - private Helper or Travel-bureau?
Sign up for the service, having received the status of "Helper" can any individuals or travel-agencies, in accordance with the terms and conditions of service and specialize in the following types of tourism:

  1. Tour-Guides:
    1. Excursions from professional guides
    2. Lessons and Master-classes
  2. Guides-Instructors:
    1. Cycling
    2. Mountain trek
    3. Kite school
    4. Horseback riding
    5. Training mountaineering
    6. Windsurfing training
    7. Training Alpine mountaineering
    8. Diving training
    9. Learning to snowboard
    10. Hiking
    11. Paid hunting
    12. Paid fishing
    13. Balloon flight
    14. Hang gliding
    15. Paragliding
    16. Flying a plane
    17. The helicopter ride
    18. Jet ski rentals
    19. ATV rentals
    20. Snowmobile rentals
    21. Skydiving
    22. Surfing school
    23. Caving
    24. Playpieces
    25. Yachting
  3. Guides-Interpreters:
    1. Guides-Interpreters for business trips
  4. Transfermen-Drivers:
    1. Transfers by car
    2. Transfers by SUV
    3. Transfers by minibus
    4. Transfers by bus
    5. Boat transfer

Who has a better chance to get the order - from a private Pomogatora or from a travel Agency?
Service Pomogator.Travel does not distribute orders, and the cost of placing the services in the service all the same. Therefore all participants have equal access to any specific order, and it all depends on which proposal will be chosen by the customer.

Any money the service takes with each fulfilled order?
We do not charge any commissions for selling your services and allow tourists to directly contact you after you send him your proposal to the application. You only pay for placing their services at our service.

How savkar need to answer to get the real order?
This is largely dependent on the attractiveness of your services, as well as attached to her original programs on tours or routes activities. The decision of the tourist greatly affects the price you offer him. In any case, subscribing to Pomogator.Travel to the placement of certain services in the city, you will receive all the appropriate requests of tourists. You can send these claims suggestions. Respond to any applications that are willing to take - the more proposals you send, the higher the probability that some of them will interest the tourist.

I sent your suggestions on potentially interesting orders. What happens next?
Contact details of all Population responding to the order of tourist, be it open. If a tourist is interested in received offer from you, it will be able for further details either call you back or ask questions through the internal chat system - you will receive a push notification about new messages directly on your mobile phone. Prompt and detailed responses increase the chances of a positive decision of a tourist to order a service from you.

What if we do not agree with the tourist?
It is normal that not every customer you will be able to agree on the provision of services. That is why it is important to respond to all potentially suitable applications to ensure a steady stream of customers in different stages of understanding. When the visitor responds to your offer, you can begin to engage it in a substantive dialogue to discuss a custom order, a list of included services, working conditions, cost, etc. You will be able to share with the tourist contacts and continue to work with him directly.Do not forget to ask the tourist to confirm in the system the selection of you as Pomogatora, and after the service, close the application and leave you a review.

The probability of getting an order increase:

  1. a detailed description of the services and related excursions or routes;
  2. the availability of video presentations of their services and tours or routes;
  3. compliance with the final price of the initially proposed terms;
  4. the ability of the contractor to give competent advice on the details of the order;
  5. overall favorable impression of the parties about each other.

How to introduce yourself in the system Pomogator.Travel for effective sales?
It's very simple - only 6 simple steps:

The first step is to register on the website.
When you create a new account, the user must specify the number of your mobile phone: this number will be your username, plus it will receive an sms with an activation code account. After the first login the system will remember you. But if you for any reason rasagiline, then re-authorize just one more time please request an sms with a code to your cell phone.

The second step - filling in personal profile Pomogatora.
Before you place their services in the system, fill in your profile page add your real photo (for private tour guides) or your logo (for travel agencies), your real Name and Surname (for travel agencies), your contact e-mail, which will be duplicated orders. It is also necessary to specify the type of user (private guide or tour company), and select your native language and the languages in which you are ready to provide services.

The third step is to Fund your Wallet balance (account in our system).
Add money to your Wallet can be transferred electronically through a secure international payment system "Yandex.Office": for payment you can use Bank cards Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or Peace; or an electronic money Yandex.Money, QIWI or WebMoney; or writing off money from the balance of your phone; or using QR code and Apple Pay; or by using Internet banking and such banks as Sberbank Online, alpha-Bank, Promsvyazbank or SSIS; you can even buy credit through service "Copywriter".And you can pay by cash: the payment process on the website or in the online service you get a unique set of numbers - payment code, and then have the code make the money for the order in the terminal, ATM or Bank that accepts a payment in favor of Yandex.Cash or Yandex.Money. And firms (legal entities or individual entrepreneurs) can pay by Bank transfer according to the invoice, which you can request from us using the feedback form

Fourth step - create your profile with the new service.
On the page "My services" click the button "Add new service". After selecting the type of service you will be taken to the compose page of the service.It is necessary to choose the city where you are planning to provide services, give the name of your service (write concisely and creatively), add a small text about themselves and their services, which will be visible to tourists (tell us how old you are, where you studied, what experience you have, also, provide all of the benefits that will be received by the tourist if you choose you executor of his job), upload a photo that illustrates your service (use your own photos), if you have one, upload a scan of a license, certificate, or diploma.Next, specify if there is a brand of car or another vehicle which is ready to use in the process of providing services. If you have there's a Youtube video presentation or video example of your services, then paste the YouTube-link in the field: the tourist will be able to watch your video by studying your profile. All created and modified profiles of services are moderated service administration, and appear to tourists only after passing inspection. To get it, follow the following simple rules:

  1. in the text of the description of services should be described one specific service according to the selected type. Multiple services are not allowed and will be removed by a moderator.
  2. in the title and in the description of services should not be contact information or links to any other sites;
  3. within the text of the description of services should not be images. Photos attached separately;
  4. correctly match the headings: they should be concise and creative;
  5. in any case, do not all the description text bold, italics or underlined - it is a sign of bad manners and will be removed by a moderator.
  6. separate parts in different paragraphs, to enumerate, use numbered or unnumbered lists;
  7. do not use multiple characters in a row: "!!!!!", "???" etc. is a sign of bad manners and will be removed by a moderator.
  8. do not capitalize - on the Internet is a sign of bad manners and will be removed by a moderator.
  9. check the spelling of texts with errors cause psychological repulsion.

Fifth step - add your author's programs, routes or trips.
Add them to provided after you save your services. Rules and tips for adding them to see in the following paragraph.

The sixth and last step - complete the contact information.
The fuller you fill them the easier travelers will contact you.

How to add trips, programs or routes: the rules, guidelines and directions
The ability to add programs appears when you first save your services, or further editing. For paid services you can bind any number of excursions. The requirements (everything that doesn't meet these rules will be removed by a moderator):

  1. in the text of the excursion must be described one specific tour. A description of several tours in one is not allowed;
  2. in the title and in the description of the tour should not be contact information or links to other sites;
  3. do not place in the description of the tour, your contact details, information about themselves and advertising their other services. The description should be information only about the tour itself;
  4. in the text of the trips should not be images. Image attached separately and in unlimited quantity - we recommend placing 5-10 high quality photos, keeping the copyright;
  5. in the text some paragraphs include the information: "included", "excluded" and "What to bring";
  6. correctly write the headlines - simple and creative. No need to make them overly long;
  7. do not select all the text bold, italics, or underlining to your text is bad;
  8. do not use multiple characters in a row: "!!!!!", "???" etc. - is bad;
  9. never write in CAPITAL LETTERS is bad manners;
  10. it is forbidden to place links on any third party sites, including your own, where you give descriptions of tours and prices - all of this you need to post on the site Pomogator.Travel;
  11. check the spelling of texts with errors reduce the chances of getting an order from a tourist.

Newly added tours, as well as changes to existing discover checked by a moderator. Possibly a moderator will correct the flaws (often in the design and the description of the tour). The moderator has the right to refuse a tour to the elimination of defects.

How to get reviews?
One of the important tasks of the service Pomogator.Travel - to create a community of reliable Population and tourists, who can trust each other. False reviews are misleading tourists and complicate the work on the service honest Population - for that, users can get banned. The positive feedback from tourists doing the profile Pomogatora most attractive. Remind travelers to leave reviews about your work, because the better your reputation in the system, the easier it will be to obtain new orders.You might want to make its first tourist a discount on the condition that they will leave a review on the results of services performed. This will help you attract the next customers. By the way, you can also leave feedback about your tourists that will help to identify overly fussy or scandalous customers.

How to leave a review about the tourist?
After the service, when the tourist said her status as "completed", Pomogator can leave feedback on the customer - just click the appropriate button. Before that you have to login using your mobile number.

Is it possible to trust and reviews about Monogatari?
Feedback can be left only on the results of execution of the application, and as a tourist Pomogatora, and Vice versa. Thus, the "left" of the feedback in the system can not appear. The most valuable feedback is not positive but negative. However, the presence of Pomogatora small negative feedback characterizes it as "more proven"" than a rookie with no reviews. However, in the ideal case, negative feedback does not reach publication as Pomogator interested to settle with the tourists all possible misunderstandings.

Tourist has left a negative review about me how to remove it?
We remove negative reviews at the request of users only in case if there are obvious signs of cheating and unreliability. In other cases, try to clarify the situation with the comments of the review. Either try to resolve the issue with the reviewer and asking to remove a negative review or replace it with a neutral.

My city isn't on your list of cities. Why?
Our database already presents the absolute most important tourist locations in the world. To check if the crystals in the base of your city - just enter on the page the first letter of your city - it should appear in the drop-down list. If your city is still there, you need to write to us here - we will add your city to the database. However, very small settlements to add, we will not - tourists are still not looking for guides and instructors in such places. In this case, we recommend you to register with the nearest larger village.

For that you can get banned or lose their status Pomogatora?

  1. Not performed the first task. If Pomogator came from, but have not fulfilled the first task and received negative feedback, he may receive a warning or block, depending on the specific situation.
  2. Transfer a job to another person without notice of the tourist. Private Pomogator could lose the status if he responded to the task, but was sent to perform themselves instead of another person. Without the consent of the customer do not. The Agency must also inform the tourist to a particular artist, which can not be replaced without the consent of the customer.
  3. Contact information exchange in bypass of the service. If Pomogator indicated in the profile service or in finished discover phone, email address, links to websites or any other contact details, it can receive a warning or lose their status Pomogatora.
  4. Violation of the rules of communication on the service. Insults users and administration, use of profanity, inciting conflict situations, calls for violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation can lose the status of Pomogatora.
  5. Five or more negative reviews. The user could lose the status of Pomogatora for a large number of negative reviews and systematic complaints about the quality of services provided.
  6. The rejection of the job without notifying the customer. If Pomogator was selected as the performer of the task, but decided not to implement it, he must inform the tourist. Otherwise, if a conflict occurs, it can lose status Pomogatora.
  7. Artificial impact on the rating. Wrapping is the creation of fake jobs to get or to write to another user, false review for artificial influence on the rating. Cheat reviews leads to blocking of the account without possibility of restoration.
  8. Fraud. On appeal in support of the material claims of fraudulent nature, confirmed - the user profile is locked.
  9. About your account information. Pomogator have in your account to use a real name and not an alias, and an avatar to upload a real portrait. Firms should upload an avatar with your logo. Accounts, non-compliant to these rules are considered fake and will be blocked.
  10. The use of multiple accounts. Terms of service prohibit the use of more than one account to interact with users of the service on behalf of or instead of another person, to report false information about yourself. In identifying such violations, the account may be blocked.
  11. Complaints of other users. If support receives complaints that Pomogator or visitor violates the rules, is rude, behaves inappropriately or does not follow the agreements and this information is confirmed, the account may be blocked.
  12. Violation of the rules of communication with service staff. We try to protect our users from seeing inappropriate and rude people when using Pomogator.Travel. Therefore, reserve the right to block any user for such behavior.
  13. Any actions that violate the laws of the Russian Federation. We make sure that the service comply with the requirements of Russian legislation. For violations of the laws of the Russian Federation, the user will be blocked and prosecuted.

What makes the service "Pomogator.Travel"?
Unlike the middlemen, charging with guides a Commission of 20 to 40% of each booked tour, Pomogator.Travel does not intervene in the settlements between the contractor and the customer. This, incidentally, makes our service the cheapest source of orders for the guides and allows them to offer prices below the relevant 20-40%. Add that Pomogator.Travel is not a travel Agency nor a tour operator, and is an Internet service "Client+Performer", earning solely on the payments for the offers of guides in our system. It is inexpensive.No other fees, including hidden, in the system.