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Moscow was founded in 1147. The city of Moscow gradually grew around the Moscow Kremlin. Moscow was #cut#the capital of the Grand Duchy of Moscow till 1713, when tsar Peter I was moved the capital o Saint Petersburg. But in 1918 Moscow was the capital of the Russian Soviet Federative, which then became the Soviet Union (1922 to 1991). Since 1991 Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation.

The mandatory program of excursions in Moscow from local guides includes the Kremlin, its Cathedral square, the famous Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell, as well as Red square, Lenin Mausoleum#cut#, Tverskaya street, Bolshoi theatre, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour – built from 1839 to 1883, blown up in 1931 and rebuilt in 1994-1997. Also in the list of Moscow attractions for excursions with professional guides include the following objects: the famous «Stalin» skyscrapers and skyscrapers of Moscow city, VDNH - exhibition of achievements of the USSR, memorial complex «Poklonnaya Gora», where Napoleon unsuccessfully waited for the keys to Moscow, Ostankino TV-tower, and the famous Moscow metro.
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