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Balloon flight

In 1783, the Montgolfier brothers created and tested their famous aircraft. But few people know that#cut# already in 30 years in 1803 the first balloon flight in Moscow took place. Now a balloon flight is probably the best way to see the world from a bird's eye. Balloon flights are ready to offer tourists balloonists at resorts around the world - from the suburbs of major cities and ending with genuine exotics. For example, a balloon flight can be carried out over the sanctuaries of Africa or over the valley of the Pharaohs and Egyptian temples in Luxor, or over the natural colossus of Anatolian Ca#cut#ppadocia. Fly in a balloon can also in Russia, for example, in Moscow Istra, or fly over the ancient Suzdalem during the festival of Aeronautics. The Crimea is not lagging behind. In general - it is quite familiar and relatively affordable type of outdoor activities. More details on the flight on a balloon tourists are ready to instruct balloonists - instructors which can be found on Pomogator.Travel.