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Not so long ago there were times when tourism was not associated with hotels and beaches, but with a#cut# tent, backpack, guitar and romance at the campfire. But everything returns to the circle of its own, and nowadays tourists once again actively master the practice of their parents, among which were very popular hikes in picturesque places. What is the good hike? First, from all kinds of active rest it requires the least equipment - no special equipment, except for the feet in comfortable footwear. Moreover, now professional instructors can offer tourists even a multi - day route without back#cut#packs and overnight stays in tents - just tourists go separately, and the equipment goes separately. But it is, of course, "at the request of the customer". It is noteworthy, but now many hiking trails have become famous landmarks that have received their own names. Let's call, for example, "The path of Golitsyn" in a Noviy Svet or "The Tsar's path" in vicinities of Yalta in Crimea (Russia), "The Big Baikal Path"... Or, for example, "The path of Aphrodite" in Cyprus or "The way of St. Jacob" in Spain. As for the complеtе of the group and the complexity of the hike - here the tourist can always consult professional instructors, which can be found at Pomogator.Travel.