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Paid hunting

From the severe necessity of daily survival - through the favorite pastime of kings and gentlemen - #cut#to a difficult type of tourism with a lot of restrictions - this way has done hunting in the public mind from ancient times to the present day. Today "Mecca" of the foreign trophy hunting-Africa. Hunting for the "Big Five" - dangerous and expensive tourism: the cost of hunting on the lion starts from 25 thousand dollars, more available hunting for ungulates. The safari earns at least 20 African countries, as well as hundreds of professional instructors and Rangers. The Russian rich lands begin#cut# in the Moscow region and vicinities, and end with exotic - Altai, Sayan, Yakutia, Kamchatka. Also in other regions are ready to provide their hunting grounds. For example, Slovak Tatras and Mongolian steppes. And even the Swiss Alps. What you are ready to advise professional instructors of paid hunting, which can be found on Pomogator.Travel.