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First, let's explain what is kiting: In a nutshell, it is water riding on the board with the help of#cut# a special kite, whence it went the name itself. You can ride on the waves-kitesurfing, or on a flat surface - it's kiteboarding. Externally, kiting looks like a difficult sport, but professional instructors in kite-schools assure-there are no special difficulties, age restrictions too. There are kite-schools, which teach children from seven years old and they quite successfully stand on the board. The «upper» age and weight limit also has no special restrictions. Here with the place of traini#cut#ng of this kind of sport some physical restrictions are: the fact that the kite itself is a long construction of a couple of tens meters of length, and the place for its launch should be at least two such lengths. Besides, it is desirable the constant direction of a wind, depth of water not more than 160 SM, and also a comfortable temperature – because it is necessary to fall and «dive» at the initial stage of training kite much. In addition, the constant direction of the wind, the depth of water no more than 160 cm, as well as a comfortable temperature-because the fall and «dive» at the initial stage of training kite to be a lot. In Russia kiting developed in Crimea on Black and on Azov seas, and in Soch. At foreign destinations kite schools are popular with tourists in such countries as Turkey, Sri-Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. And find a professional instructor or kite School will help you service Pomogator.Travel!
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