Наталья Литвинова
Наталья Литвинова

Guide in St. Petersbur and its surburbs

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Санкт-Петербург Гиды-Переводчики

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Dear ladies and gentlemen! I am very glad that you chose Saint Petersburg for your trip! Don't miss the opportunity to discover the treasure of its culture and to touch the history of Russia, which is inseparably linked with this city for 3 centuries! Feel the energy of architectural ensembles, visit places associated with the life of the Romanovs, listen to the urban legends ... I am a licensed guide with the state accreditation and I will help you to see St. Petersburg in all its splendor and grandeur. I invite you for a sightseeing tour, on foot or by car. In the summer season of white#cut# nights city views from the water are extremely fascinating. Even if you travel with a small company, I'm ready to organize and conduct for you a boat tour along rivers and channels. Also I can: - arrange a transfer to hotel; - advice you nice places to go out: restaurants, bars, cafes, theatres and so on - book tickets for you to the theatre, concert, etc. - advice Russian souvenirs of good quality - arrange individual boat trip along the rivers and channels of Saint-Petersburg

Стоимость услуги: 1000 rur per hr Родной язык: Русский. Владею языками: Русский, English

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