Александра Виноградова
Александра Виноградова

Excursions in Saint P and its Suburbs

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Санкт-Петербург Экскурсии от гидов

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Hello everyone! Meet Sasha, an experienced and licensed guide who is in love with Saint Petersburg. It is my native city and I adore showing its beauty to our guests the way I see it. I do city tours, guided excursions to the best places of attraction of Saint Petrsburg and its suburbs. With a great pleasure I can offer to you the following: - City tours - Excursions to: the Hermitage St Isaak's Savior on the Spilt Blood Church St Peter and Paul Cathedral Peterhof Dear guests you are welcome to ask any questions regading your visit to Saint P :#cut#)

Стоимость услуги: от 600 руб/час Родной язык: Русский. Владею языками: Русский, English
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