The Best of Crimea

Vorontsov Palace and Park - Simeiz - Swallows Nest - Ai-Petri and the caves - Balaklava - Cape Aya (wild beach) - Winery "Zolotaya Balka" - "Golden beam" - Fishing with dinner - Bakhchisarai - Bakhchisarai Cave Monastery - Chufut-Kale - Bakhchysarai Khan's Palace - Livadia Palace - Night Yalta - Yevpatoriya - Little Jerusalem - Saki lake - Khersones - Sevastopol - Inkerman winery
10 days

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The “BEST of CRIMEA” tour will allow you to experience the best that Crimea has to offer, including popular attractions, historic landmarks, nature reserves, vineyards, wineries and more. You will be emerged in local culture, its customs and traditions, taste authentic local cuisine paired with some of the finest wines produced in Crimea.

Capacity Group of up to 6 people.

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