Red Cave (extreme) and more caves, mountaines, canyons

Ai-Petri (plateau and caves: Yalta and Three-eyes) - Laspi - Foros church - Crimean Temple of the Sun - Skelskaya Cave - Baidar Gate - Grand Canyon - Yalta - Chatyr Dag - Marble Cave - Temple-lighthouse of St.Nicholas of Myra - Djur-Djur waterfalls - Red Cave
6 days

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Day 1

•    Mount Ai-Petri
Riding the cable car: The cable car "Miskhor - Ai-Petri" is one of the most popular and most visited tourist facilities in Crimea for visitors from around the world, as well as for local residents. The trip leaves a lasting impression - in less than 15 minutes you ascend to an altitude of 1153 meters, offering stunning views of the southern coast of Crimea.
We will walk-climb to the top of the mountain. It takes about 15 minutes from the plateau.
Ai-Petri is famous for its rock formations, called "white teeth". They bring an array#cut# of a line from Cape Ai-Todor to the sea. The teeth of Ai-Petri are peaks of varying heights.
The height of mount Ai-Petri is 1234 meters above sea level. The array is covered with snow from the beginning of December until spring.
From the top of the mount, you can see the horizon line of the sea at a distance of 135 kilometers, panoramic views of Yalta, Cape Ai-Todor, Swallow’s Nest, Vorontsov Palace and resort destinations with mountain Simeiz and rocks Diva and Cat.
•    The caves of Ai-Petri
There are more than 300 caves on mount Ai-Petri’s plateau however only three of them are equipped to receive visitors– Geophysical cave, Yalta cave, and Three-eyes cave. We will visit two of them.
•    Lunch with authentic Tatar cuisine with stunning views of the coast (additional cost)
•    The plateau
There are other activities for you to choose from on the plateau: horseback riding, zip-line and walking on a cable bridges on the peak of Ai-Petri (at additional cost).
•    Welcome dinner party – Shashliki (complimentary)
To finish the day, we are inviting you to our beautiful home for the real authentic Russian barbecue - “shashliki” paired with delicious Crimean Red wine and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Day 2

•    Laspi
The photo-stop on the Laspinsky pass will allow you to admire not only the extensive sea panorama, but also the reserved tracts of Laspi and Batiliman on the coast, where the Sevastopol zone of the Southern coast of Crimea begins.
•    Foros church
Photo-stop at Foros Church of Christ’s Resurrection, which is one of the symbols of the South Coast
•    Crimean Temple of the Sun (the place of power)
Temple of the Sun is a Crimean Stonehenge. Just like British, it’s origin is questionable. In XII century there was a Monastery of St. Elias built by the Greeks. The temple is long gone and destroyed. However, the location remains to be sacred and mysterious, and it has become a place of pilgrimage.
•    Skelskaya Cave
Located on the southern slope of the spur of Ai-petri massif. You will see the cave’s unique sinter decoration during a 50-minute tour. The cave is equipped with 270 meters long route going deep into the mountains and has five halls: Fireplace Hall, Dolphin Hall, Knight Hall and Organ Hall of Ghosts.
•    Baidar gate
The Baidar Gate is a mountain pass in the Crimean Mountains connecting the Baidar Valley with the Black Sea coast. It is enclosed by Mount Chelebi and Mount Ckhu-Bair. The view is breathtaking.

Day 3

•    Car ride to the Grand Canyon through Ai-Petri
Will stop on the way to take pictures. The views are amazing
•    The Grand Canyon
The canyon’s maximum depth is 320 meters. The incredible view of a giant ravine opens up next to the valley canyon entrance near the left inflow of the Belbeck River. The opposite slopes get closer to each other as you move on. In the narrowest places the space between them does not exceed 3–5 meters. In 1947 it was declared a monument of nature now protected by the government.
•    Night Yalta
We are going to see the evening Yalta.
The city is located on the site of an ancient Greek colony, founded by the Greek conquerors who were looking for a safe shore (γιαλός – yalos in Greek) on which to land.
We will take a walk on the boardwalk of Lenin, the central walking street of Yalta. It is the oldest street in the city, with amazing architecture, surrounded by palm trees, a string of restaurants, bars, cafes and a variety of attractions. Performances, carnivals and festivals are held here. Walking through it, you will plunge into the atmosphere of an endless festival, which lasts the entire holiday season.

Day 4

•    Chatyr-Dag
It is one of the five tallest mountains on the peninsula (1500 meters high). Chatyr-Dag is famous for its peculiar caverns: numerous caves, mines, craters, and pits. Tourists and speleologists often compare Chatyr-Dag to Swiss cheese.
•    Marble Cave
The cave is covering 60% of total Chatyr-Dag plateau area at 918 meters above the sea level. Speleologist who have been to the cave believe that it should be included in the top 5 most beautiful world’s caves.

Day 5

•    Temple-lighthouse of St.Nicholas of Myra
The real architectural pearl of the Black Sea coast is the church of St. Nicholas of Myra. The construction began in 2004.
•    Djur-Djur waterfalls
Djur-Dhur is the most full-flowing and powerful waterfalls in Crimea. It had never dried up, even in the dry season. The highest accessible waterfall is 60-meter high.

Day 6

•    Red cave (Kizil-Koba)
More than 2.5 million years ago, nature has created a unique maze of Red Caves, penetrating the thick of the mountains for 27 kilometers. Today, we can witness the pristine beauty of the underground world.
The Kizil-Koba mountain cave conceals many secrets and riddles. Moving deeper into the cave, one desires to go further and further to explore it. The regular excursion comes to an end in the first part of the cave (500 meters). This first part is divided from the furthest, most beautiful part of the cave, by the first siphon.
In 1958, for the first time the siphon was passed by on one breath hold. Then, for many years, only speleologists and professional researches could do the same.
Today, thanks to the work of Kizil-Koba enterprise, everyone can go to the further part of the cave, behind the siphon. These tours are being conducted for more than 20 years now and ensure the maximum comfort and safety procedures for tourists. Accompanied by skilled instructors who are also trained in the rescue service, you will be able to fully enjoy a journey on the underground river.
The route begins on the pre-siphon platform where the regular excursion ends. Further, there is a natural obstacle — first siphon, where the arch of the cave falls closely to the river, forming the flooded pass, 1.5 meters long. It is possible to overcome this siphon even for the unprepared explorer especially as all travel takes place in a special diving suit of dry type. These suits hold you afloat well and don’t let you to overcool.
After the first siphon is passed, you will have to swim about 100 meters in the underground river. There’s a special cable you can hold onto. Further, there are two landslide halls which were formed by the collapse of the arches of the cave. Huge stones are blocking the way, so you will have to make your way between them.
You will see huge formations of different shapes, sizes and colors. This distant part of the cave could not be reached by the vandals, so the cave kept its primitive beauty. We will walk for several kilometers and will see the biggest stalactites of all the caves of Crimea - more than 8 meters long! The highlight of the tour is the underground waterfalls named "Pink streams" about 20 meters in height.
All the necessary equipment is provided. You only need to dress up comfortably (light clothes not restricting your movement and long sleeve shirt).
The tour takes about 4 to 6 hours depending on the route chosen not counting the time for instructions.
•    Age 16+, must be able to swim.
•    There are two route options:
1. “Waterfalls of pink streams” route (3-4 hours)
2. “Fork” route (6 hours)

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